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Our Lady Queen of Angels Parish

Holy Angels Church and Center
585 Main Street
South Meriden, CT 06451

Holy Angels Office: (203) 235-3822
Fax: (203) 630-3041

Religious Education (203) 235-3822

Pastoral Staff

Pastor: Reverend Thomas A. Sievel
Parochial Vicar: Reverend Eduar Gutierrez-Tovar
Pastor Emeritus: Reverend Roland M. LaPlante
Deacon: Reverend Mr. Joseph S. Mazurek
Youth Ministry: (vacant)
Religious Education:  Mrs. Deanell V. Fraser
Catechumenate (RCIA):  Mr. Lawrence J. Jardine
Adult Bible Study:  Mrs. Jeanne G. Smith
Music Director:  Mrs. Antonia C. Jardine
Organists:  Antonia C. Jardine, Michelle A. Murolo, Pat F. Riello
Cantors:  Louise F. Carrozza, Antonia C. Jardine, David E. Nelson

Office Staff

Parish Secretary: Mrs. Antonia C. Jardine
Publicity and Media Coordinator, Website Maintenance: Mrs. Deanell V. Fraser
Business Manager: Mr. J. Douglas Lanteri
Maintenance: Mr. Brendan J. Keene

Organizations & Ministries

Community Action Co-Chairs: Mrs. Donna Kasperzyk, Mr. Daniel R. Lebel
Finance Council Chair:
GMCCW Church Representative: Mrs. Audrey B. Hollman
Legion of Mary: Mrs. Maria C. Mirabello
Meriden Soup Kitchen Group Captain: Mr. Daniel R. Lebel
Needles and Hooks: Mrs. Nancylea Bates
Parish Council Chair:
Pro-Life Coordinators: Mrs. Mary M. Byczynski, Deacon George W. Frederick
Scholarship Committee Chair: Mrs. Catherine B. Cluen
Social Committee Chair: Mr. Gary Cluen
Young-at-Heart Co-Chairs: Ms. Veronica N. Jellen, Mrs. Barbara H. Mackiewicz
Youth Group Advisors: Mrs. Marie Burbank-Turner, Mr. Daniel Lebel
Youth Group Co-Presidents: Miss Nicole A., Miss Joanaa T.